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Fan shows true Bengals stripes as he’s suprised with tickets


November 4, 2012; Cincinnati, OH, USA; A Cincinnati Bengals fan celebrates his team at Paul Brown Stadium, during a home game. Credit to USA Today Sports Images.

The Bengals fans are some of the greatest fans in the NFL, and even when it’s not necessarily shoeing up in attendance numbers at games, fans are always passionately expressing their thoughts and feelings across blogs, message boards, Twitter and whatever way they can let the world know they love their Bengals.

Well, one lucky dad got to show his stripes unsuspectingly, as he was presented with a gift from his son that made him tear up:

According to this video, this dad has been a Bengals fan for 40 years but has never gotten to see  his favorite team play in person, let alone in the confines of Paul Brown Stadium while surrounded by thousands of screaming fans.

Now, thanks to this gift from his son, he’ll get to see the team take on the New York Jets on October 27. Hopefully, his first experience will be a memorable one that ends in a victory for his favorite team.

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