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Impacting The Bills: 5 Players That Need To Step Up.

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To quote the rumbling stumbling commentator Chris Berman, “Noboby circles the wagons like the Buffalo Bills”.  Well, this week would be Cleveland sized let down if the Bengals let this happen.  But as one Brian Hoyer provide, sometimes it doesn’t matter who the QB is, you can’t take them lightly.  Thad Lewis comes off the practice squad this week to hopefully facilitate an, as seen before, type of QB performance that haunts Bengals fans.  Bottom line: the Bengals have a better team and as those wagons come around that circle, the Bengals need to punch them in the mouth and move on to Detroit. These players, and dare I say coach, need to play a significant role in providing a fourth win for the Orange and Black.

Impact Players for the Bengals:

Nov 27, 2011; Cincinnati, OH, USA; Cincinnati Bengals offensive coordinator Jay Gruden during the first half against the Cleveland Browns at Paul Brown Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Frank Victores-US PRESSWIRE

OC Jay Gruden: News flash: A coach can have an impact! Followers can only be as good as their leader and now there is an obvious flat tire on the Bengals offense.  They did look better last week, running the ball and working in what they could in the pass game.  Bills Mike Pettine is throwing everything at opposing offenses right now. G Kevin Zeitler made the comment that when watching film this week, he has seen the Bills defense use everything.  I sense a Bob Bratkowski approach this week, minus the down field throws.

WR AJ Green: AJ is on the list, he has to lift his game up. Most QB’s make their receivers better, this receiver has to make his QB better. Green has been targeted 59 times with only 31 catches that is just above 50%. More alarming is the Bengals one deep threat has only 4 catches over 20 yards. In comparison Torry Smith has 13.  They have tried to get it deep, but right now, Green has become a 10-15 yard hitch guy, that has to change, I don’t care who is covering him.