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Impacting The Bills: 5 Players That Need To Step Up.

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RB BenJarvus Green-Ellis: I have a feeling that we could see 35 plus carries from BJGE and Giovani Bernard.  The talent difference between Gio and BJGE is wide but Green-Ellis needs to pound on the Bills defense, I’m fine with a 2.9 average as long as it’s on a 3rd & 2’s and 2 yard touchdown pushes. With teams flying up in the box, an effective/efficient running game is needed to help set up play action fakes and keep the defense honest.

RB Giovani Benard: As stated above, I expect to see the Law Firm and his legal assistant get a lot of work this week. Gio was shaken by the fumble last week, but he seems like the type of player that will tighten things up and show the coaches they can trust him.  I hope to see a heavy dose of Pistol formation runs, RB screens, and flares out of the back field. Gio will have some tough blocking assignments this week as well, he will have to step up with authority and take on defenders. Otherwise he won’t see much time on passing downs.