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Roundtable: Finding satisfaction

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Nick Kohan

3-2 is the record I had the Bengals at this point in the season. I am happy with it, but it is not an easy schedule the rest of the way, especially in December.

Joe Johnson

This 3-2 record is exactly what I predicted for the first five games of this season, but the wins against the teams we have beat and the teams we lost to are different than what I thought. While the wins against Green Bay and New England were highly impressive, the Browns game bothered me a lot. I think we can hang in there with the big boys….oh no, I know we can.

We just got done stopping Brady, and we stopped Rodgers. My problem is with the offense so far, but it will come together, and when that happens, this team is gonna be a team to be reckoned with.

Ty Mercurio

You always want to be better, but yes if you were to tell me that we were to beat Pittsburgh, Green Bay and New England, I would have thought this team was going to do great things. As for Chicago, it was opening day and I would love to see them again. Then Cleveland, it was a rival game. Don’t look into that too much.

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