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Bengals vs Bills – What to Look For

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In the last few weeks, Marvin has been very un-Marvin like and therefore has gained some points in my book (GB challenge on the spot, 4th and goal last week). And, while Doug Marrone has done better than I thought he would, we are talking about a guy that had a 25-25 record (including an 11-17 league record) in one of the worst college football leagues in the country (the former Big East). Therefore, I give Marvin the advantage.

Advantage: Bengals

Key to the Game:

Bengals ability to shut down/limit the Bills running game. If the Bills get their running game going and allow the Bills to establish and effective play action passing game, they could be in trouble. Without a dominant running attack, I don’t see Lewis doing any damage. I believe the Bills will have some success in the running game and short passing game, but not enough to overcome the Bengals.


I see this as a must win game for the Bengals…not because a 3-3 record would kill their season, but because wins are hard to come by in the NFL (especially road wins) and when you have the opportunity to play a practice squad QB, you have to take advantage and get that win. I think the Bengals will.

Bengals 30, Bills 16

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