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Round table: Most surprising and disappointing Bengals player

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Dustin Merritt

I can’t nail down just one. James Harrison but in the wrong way is one, he was supposed to be the X-factor bringing an intimidating force. Up to this point, he either hasn’t been on the field much, or hasn’t been real noticeable. With that said we really haven’t played a running team and when we do I believe he proves his worth.
Positive surprising player has to go to one of the safeties Taylor Mays or George Iolka. After shaky preseasons both have played well and the coaches have found roles that they can excel in.

Nick Kohan

Most surprising player to me is George Iloka. I absolutely love what he is doing on the field. It seems like he is in on every play. Sort of like that other #43 out in Pittsburgh..

Joe Johnson

I have really been pleasantly surprised with the way Giovani Bernard has been. I knew he was gonna be really good, but I had no idea how much he has meant to this offense so far. This guy will be Rookie of the Year, and may even be a Pro Bowler. He will carry this offense. People are going to have to focus more on him, and that will lead to less attention on A.J. Green.

That will also leave less attention on the tight ends. You make it to where all the focus is on Gio, and then you go deep. A.J. Green will start breaking out of his little slump, and Mohammed Sanu will become a really good #2 guy. Gio is overdue for a 100 yard game, and will get one really soon. Now, if we get some trick plays infused in this offense, this team will be fun. VERY fun to watch.