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Round table: Most surprising and disappointing Bengals player

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Hands down it’s the offense, right now they are 22nd in yards and 25th in points. That just isn’t going to cut it with AJ Green, a returning offensive line, 1st round tight ends, a second round playmaker RB, and a quarterback/offensive coordinator in their third year. Marvin Lewis needs to seriously consider an intervention and get Jay Gruden and Hue Jackson in a room for a day to see if Hue can spark this offense like he did in Oakland.

The Defense can’t keep up the every week shut downs, you just can’t expect that from a unit every week. If they can get those rankings up to say 13th and 15th this team has a real chance to secure the division.


The most disappointing player has got to be James Harrison. I was expecting a lot more from him this year. He has made some great plays but nothing spectacular and isn’t in many plays throughout the game.


My biggest disappointment so far is Mohammed Sanu. He has already cost us a game, and hasn’t been much of a factor like I thought he would. Hopefully, he will improve, but for now, he is a disappointment. I think he will get better, but he needs to start this week against a vulnerable Bills defense………as does all this offense……..

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