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Why Thad Lewis Should Scare the Bengals

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Third, and most importantly, have you seen the rookie and backup/bad QBs Lewis has lost against during his 10 year tenure? Let me show you the names (R = Rookie):

2003 – Tommy Maddox, Jeff Blake (AZ), Anthony Wright, Tim Couch

2004 – Kyle Boller (2nd yr), Ben Roethlisberger – R (2x), Jeff Garcia (Cle), Billy Volek (Ten)

2005 – Byron Leftwich, Kelly Holcomb (Buff)

2006 – Bruce Gradkowski –R (TB), Steve McNair (last full yr as starter – Bal), Jay Cutler – R (4th start)

2007 – Derek Anderson (1st yr as starter), Damon Huard (KC), J.P. Losman, Shaun Hill (2nd yr backup to Dilfer)

2008 – Joe Flacco – R (2x – including 1st game ever), Kerry Collins (Tenn – last full year as starter), Derek Anderson (benched that year)

2009 – Mark Sanchez – R (2x – post season loss), Kyle Orton, Bruce Gradkowski (Oak – backup)

2010 – Seneca Wallace (backup), Josh Freeman (2nd yr – 1st full year as a starter), Chad Henne (2nd year as starter – last year as starter – Mia), Ryan Fitzpatrick, Mark Sanchez (2nd year)

2011 – T.J. Yates – R (2x – including postseason –5th rd pick – 3-4 as a starter – 2 wins against Bengals – 1 300 yard game against Bengals), Kyle Orton (only win – 1-4 – before being benched for good)

2012 – Ryan Tannehill – R, Brandon Weeden – R

2013 – Brian Hoyer (5 yr journeyman backup – 3rd ever start – 3rd string QB in AZ last year – 150 career passing attempts coming into the game)

Impressive! Lewis career record (including playoffs) is 82-86-1….37 of his losses (or 43%) have come against the list of rookies and misfits above (and I didn’t even include his loss to Chad Pennington and 2 losses to a past-his-prime Drew Bledsoe)!

That, my friends, is exactly why playing the great Thad Lewis on Sunday scares the bejesus out of me – and should scare the bejesus out of all Bengals fans – on Sunday.

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