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Vontaze Burfict must clean up his game before it costs Bengals

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While a few of those penalties were questionable, it’s the stigma of being a dirty player that’s causing Burfict to draw these fouls. His incident in Week 3 when he struck a Packers player below the belt is an easy one to point at, and wasn’t even called for a foul:

On the season, Burfict has been fined $31,000 for two fouls against the Packers. The first was a $21,000 fine for a hit in the head and neck area of Packers wide receiver James Jones, which led to an unnecessarily roughness penalty.

Burfict was also fined $10,000 for his love-tapped Ryan Taylor’s groin during an extra point attempt in the third, which led to Taylor’s retaliatory shove shown above.

Referees now have Burfict on their radar, and when they see him involved in anything that looks remotely questionable, they’ll begin to call more and more penalties on him.

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