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Quick Draw: Incorporating the Pistol into Bengals offense

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The last two games that the Bengals have played this season have been wins. Both of those wins came against AFC East teams, and both of those wins had something else in common. In both of those games with Bengals have been implementing the Pistol Formation in their game plan a little bit.

So what exactly is the Pistol Formation? It is a combination of a basic running back set, while the quarterback is in a shallow shotgun. So the quarterback is about 3 to 4 yards back behind the line of scrimmage, with the running back another 3 to 4 yards behind him. Now there can be different variations with running backs in different alignments; however, for the most part it is a shallow shotgun formation with running backs behind the quarterback. See picture below.

The major problem that I have with Andy Dalton is that I don’t think he takes a deep enough drop, and I am concerned about the time he gets in the pocket. This causes more sacks, more pressure, and more batted down passes.

The Pistol fixes this.