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Lions and Tigers…Oh My! 5 Players That Need To Step Up

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Whew, last week was a close one; the Buffalo Bills almost circled the wagons to overcome what looked to be a double-digit win by the Bengals.  There is something about 3rd string quarterbacks that this team has a problem with. In fact, if I’m Detroit I seriously think about sitting starter Matthew Stafford and playing the odds with backup Shaun Hill.

Obviously they aren’t going to do that, but how a defense lets Brian Hoyer and Thad Lewis look like Aaron Rogers and Tom Brady while making Aaron Rogers and Tom Brady look like Brian Hoyer and Thad Lewis we’ll never know.  The fact is that the Detroit Lions are going to test this team’s make up on both sides of the ball and match up very well.  The following players and coaches will have to step up to ensure Cincinnati’s second road win of the year.

Impact Players for the Bengals:

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Defensive Coordinator Mike Zimmer

Last week it was OC Jay Gruden this week, it’s Mike Zimmer. While his defense has looked the part most of the year and carried the team at times, he has to continue to be near flawless in his play calling and personnel packages. This week things have to be tight because it doesn’t matter whether last week’s big plays were miscommunication or player errors, a hurt CJ Spiller and rookie Marquis Goodwin are definitely no Reggie Bush and Calvin Johnson. I look for a conservative approach with Zimmer leaning heavily on four man pressures.