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Round table: Winning the AFC North

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Joe Johnson

If the Bengals don’t win the AFC North, I will be severely disappointed. Like i have been saying all throughout the off-season and regular season, this division is being handed to the Bengals on a silver platter. Now we are really starting to see that. The Steelers took 6 weeks just to win a game.

The Browns lost their only hope when Hoyer went down. The Ravens’ defense looks completely different. Joe Flacco has been an interception machine. I think at least one home playoff game would be nice.

Ty Mercurio

Absolutely. The Steelers are 1-4. The Browns have now lost their Quarterback, and the Raven’s offense is in the middle of an identity crisis. You have the lead outright though almost the half way point, and you have some tie breakers. This team has too good of an offense and defense to not win the division.

Sean McMahon

Anything less than a playoff win is a disappointment.

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