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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Offense

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AJ Green

It bugged me that Mike Mayock said “you don’t see that happen often” when referring to Green dropping an easy ball. Unfortunately, you do. In Chicago, he dropped a ball that cost Dalton an INT and cost the Bengals the game. He had a bad drop last week. And his drop this week can’t be measured as far as what it cost the Bengals.

First, it cost them a first down in Dolphins territory, so it may have cost them points. But, more importantly, it cost them Atkins. I am not saying Atkins injury is Green’s fault, but the fact remains, Atkins tore his ACL on that Dolphins drive. If Green catches that ball, the Bengals drive continues and the Bengals defense is on the sideline and as a result, Geno may still be on the Bengals sidelines. Also, while Dalton’s first pick was a poor decision and even poorer throw, Green was in position to break it up and he made a poor effort to do so.

Unfortunately, this too is a common occurrence for Green. Often times, when Dalton throws a bad ball, Green makes a lack luster effort to break up the INT. It happened in Chicago and lead to a TD, and it happened Thursday, leading to a FG. Both scores were the difference in the game.

So, while it is great that Green had 11 catches for 128 yards, it was his way too common drop and poor effort to break up an INT that stuck in my mind.