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Week 10: Bengals vs Ravens Position-by-Position Breakdown

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Wide Receivers:

No wide receiver has been targeted more than AJ Green (104) and no wide receiver has more yards than Green either (862). While Torrey Smith is having a decent year with 707 yards (8th), he really is a one trick pony (deep ball). While Smith is 8th in yards, he has just 36 receptions (T-41st) and 1 more TD than me (1). As a result, I don’t believe Smith is a #1. Regardless, the bigger issue for the Ravens is their options behind Smith.

Even if you believe Smith is a #1, they definitely lack a #2. Jacoby Jones has been injured almost all year. Marlon Brown is a big target (6’4” 205) and has a lot of TDs (5), but he only has 26 receptions for 297 yards. Meaning he is giving them little outside of the redzone. And Tandon Doss is, well, a guy name Tandon Doss – who cares.

Even excluding Green, the Bengals have 4 receivers (Jones, Eifert, Sanu, Gresham) that have more yards than the Ravens #2 receiver (Brown – 297) – and Bernard has 267 as well. The Bengals will certainly have the best receiver on the field Sunday (Green), but the real advantage for the Bengals comes in as you go down the depth chart.

If you count Eifert, Gresham, Bernard and the now healthy Hawkins, the Bengals have the 3rd (Jones), 4th (Eifert), 5th (Sanu), 6th (Gresham) and 7th (Hawkins) best receivers as well. That is one heck of an advantage.

Advantage: Bengals