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Week 10: Cincinnati Bengals vs Baltimore Ravens – What to Look For

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When the Ravens Run the Ball:

Not a whole lot. The Ravens are 22nd in the NFL, running the ball only 38% of the time. However, it is worth noting, the Ravens run the ball 47% of the time in home games. Either way, the Bengals have the 10th ranked run defense, the Ravens are ranked 29th in run offense (just 71.6 ypg), and Ray Rice is averaging just 2.7 ypc. Even without Atkins, I like the Bengals in this matchup. Atkins loss will be felt more in the pass game than in the run game.

Advantage: Bengals

When the Ravens Throw the Ball:

With Flacco’s accuracy, who knows? At just 59.4% (24th in the NFL), with 10 TDs, 9 INTs, 4 fumbles, and a 79.4 rating, Flacco is bringing back to life the questions about his ability that have followed him his entire career (nearly shook them with his impressive 2012 Super Bowl run). Flacco has been hurt by the departure of Boldin and the injury to Pitta. Those two were his safety blankets and most reliable targets. Torrey Smith is now his go to guy, but the Ravens don’t have much beyond him. The Bengals, despite Hall’s injury, still have a good pass defense (11th) and should be able to match up well against the Ravens receivers. I would expect Smith to be doubled all day. If Zimmer is smart, he will try and take away the deep routes for Smith and force Smith to run routes and read defenses, not exactly his strengths.

Advantage: Bengals