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Week 10: Cincinnati Bengals vs Baltimore Ravens – What to Look For

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John Harbaugh has 1 Super Bowl, 9 post season wins, and 1 post season win each of the last 5 seasons. Marvin Lewis has 0 playoff wins and is unaware of what the Super Bowl is. Advantage Harbaugh and the Ravens. However, this is not as big of an advantage as one might think. Harbaugh has his own issues. No team has been worse at losing to bad teams than the Ravens over his tenure, and, for all his success, Harbaugh has never found a consistent way to use Ray Rice. As a result, I believe this is matchup is closer than you might think

Advantage: Ravens


Key to the Game:

I believe the key to this game will be the Bengals offensive line’s ability to keep Dalton upright. If Dalton is given time, I believe the Bengals can create a ton of mismatches in the passing game. However, if the Ravens can get in the backfield, Dalton gets jittery under pressure and likely won’t be able to capitalize on the mismatches. In Dalton’s 4 starts against the Ravens, he has been sacked 9 times.