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Week 10: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Offense

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The Bad

Andrew Hawkins

I was excited to get him back, though I expressed concern as to where he fit in and if he provided anything more than Sanzenbacher. Now being back for 2 games, Hawkins has 2 touches: a 10 yard catch and a fumble on an attempted end around. The fumble came on 1st down of a drive where the Bengals had good field position (35 yard line) and promptly put them in a 2nd and 13 hole – leading to a quick 3 and out. I don’t know how he recovered that ball (so I do give him credit for that), but if he is going to be in there for “cute” plays, he better be able to produce.

Not Going for 2 at the End of Regulation

I know it may seem crazy, but why not? The Bengals had no business winning that game. The offense showed no ability to sustain a drive. Dalton was in the midst of possibly the worst game of his career. So what would make you think they could sustain a drive in OT long enough to win the game? I see why Marvin didn’t go this route – and I don’t blame him – but I also wouldn’t have blamed him for trying to steal the win.

With the hail mary, all hell had broken lose. The Bengals were as high as they had been all day. The Ravens were as low as they had been all day. The Bengals had the mental edge. The Ravens were in shock, they were fighting with each other and they were not ready to defend a two point conversion. At home, you go for the tie. On the road, go for the win.

The Ravens just saw their season flash before their eyes and the Bengals had the chance to finish them off. Instead, they let them get off the mat, go to their corner and regroup. Not a terrible choice, but I think the wrong choice.