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Position by Position Breakdown for the Battle of Ohio Part II

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Cle 4 ints. Rarely do the Bengals have an advantage at safety, but this makes two weeks in a row. Reggie Nelson is a very good safety, Iloka is playing well, and the signing of Crocker gives them depth. However, this is not a group that gives the Bengals any difference making advantage. TJ Ward is a serviceable safety that has played well in the past against the Bengals, but not well enough to give the Browns an advantage.

Advantage: Bengals



It will be weird to see Billy Cundiff trot out onto the field Sunday rather than Phil Dawson, the Browns staple at kicker for seemingly forever. That is good news for the Bengals as Cundiff is not nearly the kicker Dawson is. Mike Nugent is a solid, not great kicker but has a career kicking percentage nearly 5 points better than Billy Cundiff (80.9 to 76.1).

Advantage: Bengals



In my recap last week, I forgot to give Marvin credit for finally having a great challenge which lead to the game turning fumble returned for a TD. Now you will see another rarity….me giving Marvin the edge in coaching!

Not really because of anything Marvin has done, but more so because what Chudzinski has not done – he has only 3 games of HC experience and I was not impressed with what he did in Carolina as the OC…plus, I can’t give a guy with the name “Chud” the advantage in anything really.

Advantage: Bengals


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