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Bengals Tecmo Super Bowl Season — Week 11

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Needing 22 more yards for the score, the Bengals called “The Law Firm” who swept around the Browns defense for a touchdown scamper.

This would again tie things up at 17-17 as the game entered the final minute of regulation.

And the Bengals defense held strong that final minute as another Rey Maualuga sack ended the Cleveland drive and the fourth quarter.

Since four quarters weren’t enough for the Battle of Ohio, the game headed into overtime with both teams knotted up at 17.

The Bengals would win the coin toss and took possession of the ball first.

Some fine BJGE running got the Bengals to about the Cleveland 38-yard line but that’s where the drive stalled out. They would bring out Nugent for the 55-yard field goal attempt.

It had the distance but bounced off the goal post before it could go through. So the Bengals would hand the ball over to Cleveland giving them decent field position to take their stab at winning the game.