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Roundtable: Is Andy Dalton the Future?

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Joe Johnson

I have believed in Andy Dalton since day one, and nothing has changed. Remember,  he took a 4-12 team to the playoffs as a rookie. He has failed to miss the /playoffs as well, being the first QB since Kenny Anderson to get the Bengals to consecutive playoff appearances. He has always been a winner, and I will take a winner over a 4000 yard, 4-12 QB any day.

Matt Guise

I have always been a massive Andy Dalton fan, and that four-week stretch I was sure he had finally made the leap. When he plays like that, we are definitely a top 3 team. After the last two games though, I have a sour taste in my mouth. Andy Dalton played pathetically in both and the Dolphins game was one we should have gone in a won quite comfortably.

Only one of his 3 interceptions was not his fault. His pick-six was a terrible throw, and possibly should have been a touchdown if thrown accurately. Thats a 14 point swing right there which we never recovered from. I haven’t given up hope yet. There is still a lot of this season to go, and I am willing to give him next season as well because he is s

Ty Mercurio

Most people are going to disagree with me, but Dalton has surpassed his welcome here in Cincinnati. What he was able to do his rookie year with all the controversy that surrounded the league was impressive. The next season wasn’t a whole lot better, but this year has been worse. I know he is on pace for 4000+ yards, but because of his inconsistency I am constantly holding my breath.

I have little to no confidence on what is going to happen when he releases the ball. Too many times has the ball been batted down. Too many times does he stare down receivers. It has been three years and he still has not gotten on track with the deep ball. When you have the weapons that he has and you are still struggling to beat teams like Miami, Baltimore and Cleveland there is a problem.

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