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Cincinnati Bengals: 8 Reasons to be Happy During Bye Week

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There aren’t too many words worse than “Bye Week” for the fan of a winning football team. In an effort to help the Cincinnati Bengals’ fans weather out the long 2 weeks in front of them and playing into the Thanksgiving theme, we have compiled eight reasons you should be thankful for being a Cincinnati Bengals fan in 2013.

Oct 27, 2013; Cincinnati, OH, USA; Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Marvin Jones (82) runs for a touchdown against New York Jets linebacker David Harris (52) at Paul Brown Stadium. Cincinnati defeated New York 49-9. Mandatory Credit: Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

1. 275 Points scored (Second most in the AFC)

Remember when the biggest weakness of this team was that it couldn’t score points? Well, that is no longer the case. Granted, their defense and special teams have contributed immensely to this point total, but the front office’s willingness to surround Andy Dalton with playmakers has already paid dividends.

2. 206 Points Against (Third best in the AFC)

Admittedly, Cincinnati is one of the last teams to have their Bye so these statistics are a bit skewed. But what isn’t skewed is the intensity of this defense. If someone told you in September that the Bengals defense could compete without the likes of Hall, Atkins and Rey M., you would have laughed. If Mike Zimmer isn’t offered a head coaching job somewhere next year, it may never happen.