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Bengals vs. Chargers: What to Look For

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Special Teams:

Kickoff Returns: Chargers – 6th (25.6 avg); Bengals – 24th (22.8 avg)

Punt Returns: Chargers – 22nd (8.5 avg); Bengals – 7th (11.5)

Kickers: Nick Novak is one of the better kickers in the league and is 22/25 (88%) in 2013. Mike Nugent is not having a good year – 15/19 (78.9%).

Punters: Chargers – 6th (43.0 Net); Bengals – 22nd (40.2 Net); Punts inside the 20: Chargers T-26th (14); Bengals T-1st (26).

Kick Coverage: Chargers – 25th (25.1 avg); Bengals 16th (23.2 avg)

Punt Coverage: Chargers – 11th (7.6 avg); Bengals – 9th (7.2 avg)

Neither team really has a dynamic return or special kicker. The Bengals have the better punter, but overall, the two teams are pretty even when it comes to special teams.

Advantage: Push

Nov 3, 2013; Landover, MD, USA; San Diego Chargers head coach Mike McCoy speaks during a time out in the second quarter of the game at FedEx Field. Mandatory Credit: Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports


I am shocking myself with the amount of times I am giving Marvin the advantage over his counterpart, but with 10+ years of experience as a head coach and an overall 86-84-1 record (.506), I have to give Lewis the advantage over a rookie coach like Mike McCoy who is 5-6 in his rookie year and has 1 year of NFL Offensive Coordinator success – 2012, the year he had Peyton Manning.

In 2010, McCoy’s offense was ranked 13th; in 2011 23rd; then he gets Manning and his offense is ranked 4th and he gets a HC gig? All I can say is that if I was an OC with Peyton Manning as my QB, I too would look good (and therefore get a HC gig)…because Manning is the OC. Mike McCoy ought to be sending very nice Christmas gifts to Peyton Manning.

Advantage: Bengals