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Roundtable: Forecasting the Bengals’ Playoff Foe

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“If the Bengals host as home playoff game in the Wild Card round, who would be the best and worst matchup for them?” 

Dustin Meritt

It’s the Kansas City Chiefs, if they had to come to Cincinnati I think you would have to like the Bengals odds.  It would be close because the two teams are similar, but the Chiefs don’t have AJ Green, if the game was in KC I would give the advantage to the Chiefs.

The other wildcard team looks to be Baltimore which I don’t want anything to do with in the playoffs, they are starting to hit their stride and seem to plain bully the Bengals when they play them. Playoff football is a whole other animal, this team has the roster to beat anyone in the league but you never know offensively which team is going to show up.

Nick Kohan

There isn’t many good options for the Bengals in the playoffs. If you look deep at the wildcard spots, there is San Diego, Tennessee and New York who would be great matchups. The odds of those teams making the playoffs are slim though.

Realistically, they will play either Baltimore, Miami, or Kansas City. Out of those three I would honestly say that it is very equal. Baltimore is a divisional team that has proven they can beat us in Cincinnati.

Miami has seemed to have been Cincy’s trap game and Kansas City has a good defense that can really hurt Andy Dalton. I don’t think any matchup they have will be easy, but I think they definitely have a shot.