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What to Watch For: Colts vs. Bengals

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When the Bengals Throw the Ball:

Bengals Passing Attack: 12th – 251.1 ypg

Colts Pass Defense: 17th – 238.7 ypg

The Colts corners have 8 INTs on the year, not what you want to hear when Dalton has been spending a lot of his free time throwing to guys wearing the opposing jerseys. However, I don’t see the Colts secondary being equipped to cover all of the Bengals weapons. The Colts have only faced two teams with passing options like the Bengals (Den and AZ) and they surrendered 700 yards, 5 TDs and 1 INT to those passing attacks. I see Green and Eifert having big days on Sunday, especially if the Colts have to bring an 8th guy down into the box.

Advantage: Bengals

Special Teams:

Kickoff Returns: Colts – 12th (24.2 avg); Bengals – 8th (24.5 avg)

Punt Returns: Colts – 14th (9.3 avg); Bengals – 23rd (8.0)

Kickers: Adam Vinatieri is 26/29 (89.7%) and 22/23 inside 50 yards. While his 89.7% is just average (15th), it is much better than Nugent’s 16/20 (80.0% – T-23rd) and 13/16 inside 50. Hopefully this game does not come down to a FG kicking contest. With Vinatieri’s clutch kicking and ability to kick in bad weather (see the “Tuck Game”), the Colts would win.

Punters: Colts – 25th (38.2 Net); Bengals – 5th (41.6 Net); Punts inside the 20: Colts T-23rd (17); Bengals T-9th (23).

Kick Coverage: Colts – 19th (24.2 avg); Bengals 14th (22.9 avg)

Punt Coverage: Colts – 30th (14.5 avg); Bengals – 8th (6.9 avg)


Advantage: Bengals