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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Week 14

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After a good game in San Diego (minus his fumble), BJGE was back to his 2013 self again. Ripping off 48 yards on 17 carries and averaging a stunning 2.8 ypc against the same defense that saw Bernard get 8.3 ypc against. Lucky for BJGE, Gruden must not have realized his ineffectiveness and allowed him to steal 2 well-deserved TDs from Bernard…with the help of the infamous Jeff Triplette.

The Phantom Touchdown

How bad is Jeff Triplette? According to an interview after the game, Triplette claimed to have only reviewed whether BJGE was touched before going into the endzone…he never considered, nor did he review, whether BJGE went down because of contact.

As a Bengals fan, I am not complaining – Lord knows Bengals fans could use a bad officiating call to go our way once – but how does he miss that? BJGE did not trip in the backfield, he was tripped in the backfield. It ended up not deciding the game, but it was a huge call at the time.

He can add that one to his awesome resume that includes blinding Orlando Brown by throwing his penalty flag into Brown’s eye, and overseeing the debacle two weeks ago telling the Redskins it was 1st down when it really was 4th down.Though neither hurt the Bengals this week, I would love to see Triplette join Dierdorf out in the pasture…and maybe they can take Fouts with them.