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Bengals vs. Steelers: Position-by-Position Breakdown

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Wide Receivers:

The Steelers have clearly become a passing team and one surprising aspect of their season would have to be the performance of their 3 wide receivers. Antonio Brown is a very good receiver, but I think most would be shocked to see he ranks 4th in the NFL (ahead of Green) with 1,240 yards and 2nd in the NFL with 90 catches.

Along with Brown, Sanders (58 rec, 661 yds, 5 TDs) and Cotchery (41 rec, 571 yds, 9 TDs) are having big years as well. As a group, the Steelers top 3 WRs actually have better numbers than the Bengals WRs in yards (2,472-2,081), receptions (189-152) and TDs (21-17).

However, these gaudy numbers are more a product of the Steelers unbalanced offense and lack of production from their TEs not named Miller (see below). How unbalanced is the Steelers offense? The Steelers throw the ball 64.33% of the time – that is 4th most in the NFL. The Bengals still have the bigger and more talented WRs in this matchup.

While the Steelers top 3 WRs go 5”10/186 (Brown), 5’11”/180 (Sanders) and 6’1”/200 (Cotchery), the Bengals top 3 go 6’2”/210 (Sanu), 6’2”/195 (Jones) and 6’4”/207 (Green). Not to mention, the Bengals have other weapons at RB and TE that the Steelers will have to account for.

Advantage: Bengals