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Bengals Tecmo Super Bowl Season — Week 16

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Following an epic beat down of the Pittsburgh Steelers last week in Tecmo Super Bowl action, the Bengals were looking to cruise past visiting Minnesota in Week 16.

The Bengals opened up in the first quarter looking like they hadn’t missed a beat from last week as BenJarvus Green-Ellis broke loose for a quick touchdown score. This would give the Bengals an early 7-0 lead.

Cincinnati’s defense started off just as hot too as a booming Rey Maualuga sack forced Minnesota to punt the ball back to the Bengals.

Minnesota finally regained their composure on the next Bengal drive as a Chad Greenway sack put Cincinnati in a big hole, leading to a punt. And that’s how the quick opening quarter would end with the Bengals still clinging to a 7-0 lead.