Bengals Tecmo Super Bowl Season — Week 16

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Cincinnati had one more chance to at least make the game respectable. Even though they were down by 17, they continued to hand the ball off to Green-Ellis. He did make the most of it though as he scampered in for a last-second touchdown.

This made the final score in Paul Brown Stadium Vikings 31, the Bengals 21.

Adrian Peterson only had eight carries on the day, but that’s all he needed to shred up Cincinnati for 142 yards and three touchdowns. Green-Ellis ended up with over 100 yards on the ground as the Bengals continued to feed him the ball all game long.

After the game, though, the Bengal players rushed back to the locker room area to watch the ending of the Ravens game as a Baltimore loss would still allow Cincinnati to clinch the AFC North Division. And lose the game they did as the champagne bottles were popped in Paul Brown Stadium.

The Bengals will meet those same Ravens in the regular season finale next week as Cincinnati hopes to jockey for a better position in the 2013 Tecmo Super Bowl playoff bracket.