That’s the Pitts: 3 Bengals that had Forgettable Games vs Steelers

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OC – Jay Gruden

Once again Gruden makes the list, and this comes a week after calling two of his best games in San Diego and at home to Indy.  However once again the offense looked overwhelmed most of the time against Pittsburgh, and it is becoming a trend against all of the AFC North defenses.

Gruden has failed to see the obvious, Tyler Eifert is receiving weapon not a fullback or blocking tight end, Eifert caught all three of his targets and a touchdown. For some reason the Bengals have to try and make all of the tight ends into something there not, powerful inline blockers.

Bottom line, Jay has to realize that he can’t get cute or try and be clever, it just doesn’t work.  When the run goes, the offense goes.