ICYMI: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

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Lack of  a Fullback– Remind me why the Bengals cut Conner and Pressley? They struggle in short yardage situations and when they do bring a FB in, the only guy they don’t bring in is the only guy on their roster listed a FB (Charles).

While I love seeing Peko back there, should he ever get hurt playing FB, this coaching staff will be to blame.

The Steelers Image – We hear all the time about the “Steeler Way.” Well, in the last 3 weeks, a team that is constantly praised for their integrity and how they do things and the “Steeler Way,” has given us:

1) a head coach interfering with a punt return (replay is pretty clear that it was intentional or gross negligence at best),

2) a player blatantly grabbing and twisting another man’s “bits and pieces”

3) a player putting the crown of his helmet to a punter’s jaw, breaking his jaw, busting his teeth, fracturing his vertebrae…oh, and giving him a concussion.

And then there is the 1970’s Steel Curtain – a unit fueled by steroids, yet never mentioned in the steroid talks.

As much as I don’t like the Yankees and the Red Sox, the “Yankee Way” and “Red Sox” way seem to have some credibility to me and lack dirtiness. The “Steeler Way,” just like the “Cardinal Way” in baseball, is nothing more than playing dirty, whining when things don’t go your way, and then hiding behind your franchise’s history and championships when you are called out.

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