ICYMI: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

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The Ugly

Special Teams – There are 3 units that make up a football team: 1) Offense, 2) Defense and 3) Special Teams. The offense and defense were not great on Sunday night, but they were good enough to win. The special teams lost the game in Pittsburgh.

  1. Kevin Huber – His night was short, but prior to being put on the “nearly dead” list, Huber had a night to forget. For most of the year, Kevin Huber has been one of the best punters in the NFL and should be in the 2013 Pro Bowl, but on Sunday night, he was terrible. It started with the dropped punt that put the Steelers on the 1 yard line, leading to the first Pittsburgh TD. The conditions were rough, the wind played with it, but it was catchable. My biggest problem is this: given the cold, the wind and the fact that his job is to catch a snap (on punts and FGs) why the hell did Huber not have gloves on? Then, on his second and final punt, Huber let fly a terrible punt (38 yards), in the middle of the field and directly to one of the most dangerous punt returners in the game. The punt was returned for a TD, Huber was left sprawled on the ground searching for his chiclets and the game was essentially over before it really ever began.
  1. Punt Coverage – Lane integrity is the most important part of kick and punt coverage. Suffice to say, on the fateful punt mentioned above, the Bengals had no lane integrity. About 4 unblocked Bengals were in front of Brown when he caught the punt and all over ran Brown, resulting in Brown’s TD. The worst offender on the punt coverage looked to be rookie Jayson DiManche who failed to break down and force Brown into the coverage.
  1. Peerman – While I believe this was another blown call, the signal made by Peerman was close enough to a fair catch signal that I can excuse the referees. Either way, it was a huge play that resulted in the Bengals, already down 7-0, being pinned inside their own 10 again, rather than being out on the 44 where Peerman was actually tackled.