Bengals vs. Vikings: TV Info, What to Watch for and Prediction

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Special Teams:

Kickoff Returns: Vikings – 1st (33.3 avg, 2 TDs); Bengals – 8th (26.8 avg, 0 TDs)

Punt Returns: Vikings – 3rd (13.1 avg, 1 TD); Bengals – 13th (9.4 avg, 0 TD)

Kickers: Blair Walsh is 2/30 (86.7%) and ranks 19th in the NFL. At 16/20 (80.0%) Nugent ranks 23rd.

Punters: Vikings – Net 39.6 – 18th; Bengals – Net 35.2 31st – with Buffalo; Punts inside the 20: Vikings t-26th (18); Bengals T-12th (24) – with Huber.

Kick Coverage: Vikings – 31st (27.9 avg); Bengals 11th (22.3 avg)

Punt Coverage: Vikings – 16th (8.8 avg); Bengals – 18th (9.2 avg)

The Vikings have the top kick returner and the 3rd best punt returner and the Bengals are featuring a new punter who was fired by the Bills because of poor hang time. Not a good combination for the Bengals.

Advantage: Vikings


Leslie Frazier was Lewis’s first defensive coordinator and also his first canned defensive coordinator, so I would think Frazier has some extra incentive to beat Lewis. However, in 3.5 seasons, Frazier is just 20-32-1, despite having the best running back in football and will likely find himself on one of many hot seats at the conclusion of the 2013 season.

Outside of the improbable 10-6 wild card run last year (compliments of the 2nd best rushing season in the history of the NFL), Frazier is just 10-25. While Lewis has been more than frustrating to Bengals fans, he is still 88-84-1 with 4 playoff appearances.

Advantage: Bengals