NFL Playoff Odds and Predictions for Week 16

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Sunday is here, and Week 16 will be kicking-off in mere hours as only 13 NFL teams have been eliminated from postseason contention, according to CBS Sports.This means more than half of the teams in the NFL are still alive for a potential playoff berth heading into the final two weeks.

The Football Outsiders have some fantastic advanced statistical breakdowns of every team currently in the playoff hunt.  I suggest you read it, and here’s the simplified version of every team’s playoff chances entering Week 16:

AFC Playoff Odds

No. 1 Denver Broncos

Current record: 11-3 | Weighted DVOA: 26.1 percent
Projected wins: 12.4
Total playoff odds: 100.0 percent 

No. 2 New England Patriots

Current record: 10-4 | Weighted DVOA: 21.0 percent
Projected wins: 11.3
Total playoff odds: 99.3 percent 

No. 3 Cincinnati Bengals

Current record: 9-5 | Weighted DVOA: 14.8 percent
Projected wins: 10.6
Total playoff odds: 93.8 percent

No. 4 Indianapolis Colts

Current record: 9-5 | Weighted DVOA: -4.8 percent
Projected wins: 9.9
Total playoff odds: 100.0 percent

No. 5 Kansas City Chiefs

Current record: 11-3 | Weighted DVOA: 21.8 percent
Projected wins: 12.3
Total playoff odds: 100.0 percent 

No. 6 Miami Dolphins

Current record: 8-6 | Weighted DVOA: -0.8 percent
Projected wins: 9.1
Total playoff odds: 62.1 percent 

In the Hunt

Baltimore Ravens | 8-6 | Total playoff odds: 41.0 percent

San Diego Chargers | 7-7 | Total Playoff odds: 3.0 percent

You may notice that Miami has better odds of making the playoffs than the Ravens, despite Baltimore currently holding the No. 6 seed. That’s because according to FO, the Ravens are underdogs in both of their remaining matchups against New England Patriots and Cincinnati Bengals.