Vikings at Bengals position-by-position preview

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Offensive Line:

After two impressive weeks, the Bengals O-Line took a step back last week and now Whitworth is questionable with a concussion. However, I would be surprised if Whitworth misses the game and the Bengals line has surrendered just 1 sack in the last 4 games.

The Vikings have surrendered 8 sacks in their last 3 games and though they have the best RB in the NFL, the Vikings average just 16.4 ypg more in the running game than the Bengals and have averaged just 99.5 ypg over the last two.

Advantage: Bengals

Running Backs:

Make no mistake, Adrian Peterson is the best back in this game and likely the best RB in the NFL, and he is expected to play despite not being fully healthy (groin and foot) and his backup, Toby Gerhart, is less than impressive (and also not fully health).

Because of their health and work as a group, the Bengals RBs get the nod here.

1) they are both healthy

2) as a group, they are more versatile than the Vikings RBs

3) The Vikings running game has been struggling the last 2 games.

Advantage: Bengals