The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Week 16

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Team Preparation – I pounded Marvin for how the team came out last week and looked unprepared and unmotivated. That means I have to give him credit for the way they came out on Sunday. This Sunday, suffice it to say the Bengals looked ready from the time the coin hit the field turf.

Forcing a turnover and a 3 and out in their first two defensive series and scoring a TD on their first offensive drive. A fast start sets the tone for the game and can bury a team before the game really starts.

The Bengals saw this last week in Pittsburgh and they returned the favor this week to the Vikings.

Turnovers – Going into Sunday, the Bengals only had 1 turnover in their last 2 games – and that was a toss-up by Roethlisberger last week that was intercepted at their own 1-yard line and proved useless. On Sunday, the Bengals got the ball out early and often.

The short fields the defense can create make this offense all the more dangerous.

QB Pressure – Cassel may not be a playoff caliber quarter back, but all quarter backs become very beatable when you get pressure on them. The Bengals had 4 sacks, 6 QB hits, 1 strip and forced 3 interceptions out of Cassel.

The pressure was a welcomed sight after struggling the last few weeks to get pressure on the QB.