The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Week 16

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Play-Calling (Offense and Defense) – Rarely does Zimmer call back-to-back bad (or less than stellar) games. After a questionable week in Pittsburgh, Zimmer came back strong against the Vikings.

Even Gruden came out pretty good. If not for Gresham’s hands and inability to play within the rules of the game, the Bengals may not have been stopped on Sunday.

Shawn Powell – 4 punts for 160 yards (40.0) is not great, but it also isn’t terrible, especially for a guy that has spent the last 2 months sitting on his couch watching football rather than playing it. The one long return the punt team gave up was a result of poor tackling (again) and not the result of a poor punt.

Plus, Powell made it through the game without getting nearly decapitate…that is an improvement from last week.

Management – Rarely will you see praise heaped upon the Bengals front office, but they deserve it. That doesn’t mean we have to forget the 15 years from 1990-2004, but let’s recognize the changes they have made and the results they are getting.

There are 5 teams in the NFL that have a current streak going of 3+ years in the playoffs – Ravens, Patriots, Packers, Broncos and your Cincinnati Bengals. If Baltimore and Green Bay fall short this week, the Bengals will be 1 of 3 teams with 3 straight years in the playoffs. I know, they are the only team on that list that has not won a game in the playoffs, but that isn’t my point.

My point is, this management team has changed their philosophy. They have become one of the best drafting teams in the NFL, they work the cap wisely, and as a result, they have built a really good team with young talent and they haven’t compromised their future in doing so. Not many teams can say that. How do you feel about the Bengals 5 year outlook compared to teams like Denver, New England, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, etc?

I feel pretty good. So, while I don’t do it often, here is my praise to the Brown family and their turning of a new leaf.