The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Week 16

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The Run Game – I predicted we would see our first 100 yard rusher yesterday against the Vikings 20th ranked run defense…I couldn’t have been more wrong. BJGE combined for 25 carries and just 44 yards (1.76 ypc).

That is brutal against a good run team, let alone a bad one. After all my excitement about the improvement in the Bengals run game with Whitworth at guard, the last two games have brought me back down to earth. I believe the issue with the run game is more a product of the play calls than the line and the running backs. I don’t think Gruden calls solid run plays.

Injuries – How many more injuries can this team withstand? They are already without their best defensive lineman for the year (Atkins), their best DB for the year (Hall), their other starting DB is out with a knee injury (Newman), Harrison is still out with a concussion.

And now on Sunday, they lost Burfict and Eifert for the rest of the game with injuries. This is a deep team (further proof of the job management has done), but at some point, a team cannot take any more injuries without a significant drop in play. The Bengals, I feel, are getting dangerously close to that point.