The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Week 16

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The Ugly

Jermaine Gresham – The Bengals continue to use Gresham, they need to have a “Gresham Rule”: if he catches the ball, he must give himself up prior to contact or get out of bounds. If he fails to do either, he is removed from the game.

If he gets a penalty, he is also removed from the game. I have never, in my life, seen a guy so careless with the ball. Most of that is on Gresham for not being smart enough to secure the ball and part of that is on coaching for not addressing the issue. Gresham now has 3 lost fumbles on 49 catches…or 1 every 16 catches.

However, 4 of those catches are for touchdowns and likely 15+ have seen Gresham run out of bounds, meaning Gresham probably fumbles once for every 10 touches (and this doesn’t count his near fumbles/those overturned for being down).

Yes, he caught a TD pass Sunday, but it does it really matter? His fumble likely cost the Bengals at least a FG and directly lead to the Vikings game tying TD which let the Vikings back into the game (at least for a moment). If the fumble wasn’t bad enough, he added 2 more penalties to his resume.

That gives him 9 penalties on the year (plus 1 that was declined), 4 pre-snap penalties and an average of 5 penalty yards per game. Only 6 players in the NFL have more penalties that Jermaine Gresham. Can his free agency start effective today please?

Kick and Punt Coverage – The coverage itself wasn’t terrible, but the tackling was. Sherels’ 22 yard punt return was solely the result of missed tackles and Patterson had a field day running through arm tackles. Not a comforting sight the week after the special teams disaster in Pittsburgh.

P.S. Can someone teach Nugent to kick the ball out of the endzone or hire a kicker that can?