Bengals Tecmo Super Bowl Season: Week 17

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Unfortunately for the Bengals, the Ravens would get the ball right back coming out of the half with a chance to add even more to their lead. And that’s exactly what they did as Ray Rice capped off a nice Baltimore drive with a rushing touchdown. The Baltimore lead would grow to 19-0 midway through the third.

With their first possession of the half, you could tell Johnson had shaken his first-half jitters and was able to put together a nice drive. He used his ability as a dual threat to mix some running with short passes to march all the way down the field for the score.

The touchdown would cut the Ravens lead to 19-7 but the drive would eat up a lot of time as the third quarter had already come to a close.

With only five minutes left to play, the Bengals were hoping for a spark using an onside kick. However, it was unsuccessful and was even recovered by Joe Flacco who is apparently a member of the Baltimore hands team.

With the decent field position, it didn’t take long for Rice to find the end zone yet again, pushing the Raven lead back up to 26-7 early in the fourth quarter.

So the Bengals were in desperation mode as they got the ball back. And once again, second-string QB Josh Johnson led them down the field. This time, it was BenJarvus Green-Ellis running the ball in, narrowing the gap to 26-14 midway through the final quarter of play.