Bengals Tecmo Super Bowl Season: Week 17

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Cincinnati would try the onside kick once more, and once again it failed. Flacco got his hands on the ball again and didn’t get brought down until he reached the Bengals 23-yard line.

From there, he was able to find a wide open Torrey Smith for the completion and the touchdown score, placing the nail in the coffin on this one.

And that would make the final score as the Ravens would take one from the Bengals in Cincinnati, 33-14.

The Bengals were never really in this one starting with the Ravens safety early in the first quarter. Torrey Smith added another touchdown and some more yards in the second half, bringing his totals to 165 yards and two TD’s on only five receptions. The Law Firm got the ball 14 times on the day but only came up with 78 yards and one TD. Of course, the biggest story, perhaps, was the loss of Andy Dalton to injury. And what would it mean for the Bengals as they enter the playoffs next week.

Speaking of the playoffs, with the regular season coming to a close, the playoff brackets were set. The Bengals will meet Peyton Manning and the dangerous Broncos in the first round. Should they make it to the divisional round, they will have to face the Texans who get the first round bye.

On the NFC side, the Rams and Vikings will meet, competing for a chance to take on the Packers. And the Bears will face the Giants with the winner of that game facing Tampa Bay.

And with a final look at the AFC North regular season standings, it was of course the Bengals backing into the division title with an 8-8 record. The Ravens and Browns finished one game behind at 7-9, while the Steelers claimed last place with a 5-11 record.