Roundtable: Opponent in NFL Playoffs

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Who would you rather the Bengals host in the Wild Card round: Chiefs, Dolphins, Chargers, Ravens or Steelers?


Seeing the Ravens twice in three weeks is a recipe for disaster, and I am not very keen on seeing the Steelers again either.  The Dolphins have been on a roll since their Halloween match-up with the Bengals, and while a little pay-back would be nice, I think the Chiefs are the preferred match-up.

Jamaal Charles is a nightmare of a running back, but this Bengals team has done a fantastic job limiting marquee running backs this season; Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson, Reggie Bush, Eddie Lacy, and Trent Richardson.

Also, without the home crowd reverberating through Arrowhead, the Chiefs will be out of their element at PBS, challenging a highly-structured pass-offense.  No doubt it’s a tougher matchup than any of the other three, but the Bengals could easily trap the Chiefs in the Jungle, and get a huge confidence boost going forward.
Dustin Merritt

My order goes Dolphins, Chiefs, Ravens, Steelers.  The Dolphins match-up well against the Bengals but it would be a different game at home then it was in Miami.  The only thing that would really concern me about the Chiefs is getting out coached.

I don’t want anything to do with the Ravens or Steelers our record and Andy’s passer rating against them are the only reasons why I need to explain.