Roundtable: Opponent in NFL Playoffs

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Matthew Wilson

The Steelers and Ravens have had many issues on the road. The Steelers are 3-5 and the Ravens are 2-5 with a pending game against the Bengals in Paul Brown Stadium. That being said, both the Steelers and Ravens know how to play in the Post Season and can be very dangerous.

Miami is an inexperienced team in the post season and they are 4-4 on the road coming off a terrible game in Buffalo. Although they have beaten the Bengals in Miami, the jungle has proven to be a whole different atmosphere. I think they would be the team to face in the Playoffs.

Scott Bantel

My order of preference would be: 1) Dolphins, 2) Chiefs, 3) Ravens and 4) Steelers. The Dolphins have a good defense, but they have a terrible offensive line, a weak run game, a suspect quarterback and I would take my chances with them in cold weather.

The Chiefs are not the same team they were at the start of the year. Their offense is still pretty good (mainly Charles), but their defense has had some big injuries and has stumbled down the stretch.

While I don’t think the Ravens are very good, they do have a ton of post season experience, are the defending champs, and are capable of getting hot.While nothing would be more satisfying than beating the Steelers, they are playing well, have a 2-time Super Bowl winning quarterback and would likely bring 5-10,000 fans.

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