Bengals vs. Ravens: What to Look For

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When the Bengals Throw the Ball:

Bengals Passing Attack: 10th – 257.2 ypg

Ravens Pass Defense: 11th – 226.7 ypg

This should be a good matchup. The strength of the Bengals offense is clearly their passing game and the Ravens have a strong pass defense to counter. Jimmy Smith is a quality NFL corner that will not be overwhelmed by Green.

The key in this matchup will be how Webb and the Ravens safeties do covering the Bengals secondary options. I give that advantage, and therefore the overall advantage to the Bengals.

Advantage: Bengals


While I give the edge to Harbaugh and his Super Bowl ring and 3 AFC Championship appearances, it is not as big of an advantage as one would think. While Harbaugh has more post season success than Lewis, his teams have consistently underperformed in the regular season and 2013 is no different.

If not for 2 terrible PI calls (both going the Ravens way against Minnesota and Detroit), we would be talking about a 6-9 defending Super Bowl Champion team playing out the season.

With Harbaugh’s big game success (and Marvin’s lack of big game success), I give the Ravens the edge, but it is a very small edge.

Advantage: Ravens