The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Week 17

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The Ugly

The “Bad” Dalton – As I said before, Dalton may never have been clinically diagnosed with a split personality, but I am convinced he has one (at least on the football field). I laid out the “Good” Dalton above.

The “Bad” Dalton is the guy that threw 4 INTs to the Ravens and 20 interceptions on the year. If Dalton has a game like Sunday in the playoffs, that will likely be the last playoff game the Bengals will partake in this year.

Every INT that Dalton throws in the playoffs decreases the Bengals chances of winning exponentially. They can likely overcome 1 INT. They may be able to overcome 2 INTs. They are not likely to overcome 4 INTS against a playoff team.

Dalton has to start coming out faster and more accurate than he has at times this year and 20 interceptions cannot be acceptable for a QB.

Shawn Powell – Powell had 3 punts on Sunday. 2 of those 3 averaged 49.0 yards, landed inside the 20 and 1 was downed at the 1. That is good. The problem is that the other punt traveled 10 yards and gave the Ravens the ball at the Bengals 40 yard line and set up the game tying touchdown.

Until Sunday, I had managed to make it 32 years without seeing a punt land in the stands on the side of an NFL stadium. I can no longer say that…and that is not a good thing. Sunday showed how important a punter like Huber can be.