Bengals Tecmo Super Bowl Season — AFC First-Round Playoff

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However, the Bengals kept their heads up and tried to get something going before the half. This came in the form of a Dalton quarterback keeper which he took in for the score. This would trim the Bronco lead to 21-10.

And that’s what the score would remain as both teams went back to their locker rooms.

The halftime stats courtesy of Tecmo Sports News pretty well told the story. The Bengals were getting dominated on both sides of the ball and were pretty lucky to only be down by 11. Dalton had only thrown for 34 yards while Manning had tossed for 137. Green-Ellis had only mustered 33 yards on the ground, as well.

But in hopes it would get the Bengal faithful excited and the team pumped up, offensive coordinator Jay Gruden parachuted from an Air Force fighter jet onto Sports Authority Field during the halftime show.