Bengals Tecmo Super Bowl Season — AFC First-Round Playoff

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If that touchdown didn’t seal the victory for Denver, the next Bengal drive certainly did. Dalton threw his second interception of the day, pretty well ending the game and the season for Cincinnati.

Hillman would score his third touchdown of the game on the next drive, putting the nail in the coffin, 42-17.

And that would make the final score of the Tecmo Super Bowl AFC First-Round Playoff game.

The Bengals had a couple of chances to keep the game close, but shot themselves in the foot every time. And the Broncos made them pay for it dearly. Dalton finished the day with only 70 yards passing and one touchdown run. Green-Ellis never got anything going either with just 47 yards on the ground. Manning didn’t have to do much as Hillman tallied 124 yards on the ground with three TD’s. But the quarterback still torched the Bengal defense anyway with 234 yards passing and a TD.

The loss eliminates Cincinnati from the playoffs and ends their up-and-down Tecmo Super Bowl season. The Broncos move on to face Houston in the Divisional Playoffs while the Patriots move on to face San Diego.

On the NFC side, the Rams advanced past the Vikings and will play Green Bay next week. And the Bears slipped past the Giants for rights to take on Tampa Bay in the Divisional Playoffs.