The Good, the Bad and The Ugly of Cincinnati’s Wild Card loss to San Diego

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Marvin Lewis

He has brought a stability and long term competitiveness that this franchise has never seen, but at 0-5 in the playoffs (1 loss shy of Jim Mora’s record for most playoff games coached without a win), can he take the Bengals the next step? I

don’t think he can. He is 0-5 in the playoffs despite having a lead in every game (3 times having a lead at half). 0-5 in the playoffs despite 3 of the 5 being at home.

He is 0-5 in the playoffs despite playing 2 rookie quarter backs (neither of which starts any more). He is 0-5 in the playoffs and has been outscored a total of 132-64.

He is 0-5 in the playoffs and been outcoached/out prepared in all 5 games (twice by a coach fired this year – Kubiak). And he is 0-5 in the playoffs and has had only 1 game where the final margin was within 1 possession (2012 vs Houston – 19-13).

The 2013 Season

Most would see an 11-5 record and division championship as a good season. But this team’s goals were bigger. They said so themselves before and after the season.

Marvin Lewis, to his credit, has raised the expectations of this team where making the playoffs is no longer the goal. This was a team that had Super Bowl aspirations, and they were legitimate aspirations.

At the beginning of the year, if I were to tell you this team would not win a playoff game, you would tell me that would be a failure of a season. They didn’t. And it was.