Stripe Hype interview with Promising Bengals Rookie Jayson DiManche

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Dec 29, 2013; Cincinnati, OH, USA; Cincinnati Bengals linebacker Jayson DiManche (51) against the Baltimore Ravens at Paul Brown Stadium. Bengals defeated the Ravens 34-17. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The Cincinnati Bengals have been finding young, talented players to help contribute to the better of the team over the past few years. Many people took notice to one standout this preseason, Jayson DiManche.

Running onto the scene and not stopping, this special teams ace made some critical plays for the Bengals throughout the season. As a linebacker from Southern Illinois, DiManche has been implemented as a key part to the Bengals overall success in the 2013 season.

We were able to get an interview with DiManche and ask him a few questions, check it out:

SH: Your name wasn’t called on draft day. Tell us what was going on through your head during that time.

DiManche: It was expected, I prepared for the moment of not hearing my name called so I could get over it quickly in order to have a clear mind to make the best decision on where I would begin my NFL journey.

SH: How did you become a Bengal? And how did you feel?

DiManche: I got the call after the draft, my agent (Joe Linta) told me I had a decision to make and the good Lord just pointed me in the Bengal’s direction.

SH: How was your experience in the Bengals rookie camp and throughout the preseason. How was the transition from college to the NFL?

DiManche: It was a difficult mentally at first as I expected, I knew physically I had the tools but I didn’t have as much knowledge of the game as some guys. Coaches like Paul, Marvin, Darren and Zim did a great job of guiding me through that adjustment period.

SH: Obviously, you made a huge play in the Cleveland Browns game that ultimately changed momentum in that game. Besides that, what is your favorite play you contributed in this season?

DiManche: Some of the plays I made on kickoff. Running down there and making a big tackle just so you can get up and celebrate with your teammates, I live for that.

SH: In one word, can you describe the impact James Harrison has made on you?

DiManche: Business.

SH: How was it working under Mike Zimmer? How is he as a coach and mentor to you, personally?

DiManche: Zimmer is obviously a great coach, he forced me to get better anytime I was in on defense for him. Coaches like that make you want to be great everyday.

SH: You were awarded one of the largest signing bonuses for undrafted free agents. How does this make you feel about the team and how does it feel to be the highest paid UDFA vs. a draft pick?

DiManche: None of that really matters to me, every coach here told me from the day I visited PBS that it doesn’t matter how you get here, just what you do when you’re here. I realized early in camp that was a fact and the difference between a draftee and an UDFA were irrelevant once we put the pads on.

SH: What fun item did you buy after your signing bonus?

DiManche: A book titled “80 ways to make money from home“.