ICYMI: Cincinnati Bengals: Good, Bad and Ugly: NFL Playoffs

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Bad” Andy the Leader

We all know it, quarterbacks get too much of praise when things go well and too much of the blame when things go bad. That being said, Andy Dalton is the leader of this team and good leaders take blame, especially when it was their own play and their own mistakes that lost the game.

There were plenty of reasons why the Bengals lost that game and while Dalton didn’t have much help from his mates, the glaring reason for the Bengals going home early (yet again) were Dalton’s 3 turnovers.

A good leader needs to own that. When the leader is one of the glaring reasons for a loss, as good leader says “I” didn’t play well, not we. Andy didn’t play well. In fact, he played terrible. He was the glaring reason for the loss.

Yet he made a conscious effort, time and time again, to use the word “we” when talking about not playing well, “we” when talking about mistakes. There was no “we” on that fumble Andy. There was no “we” on either interception.

Those were “you,” not we. The only thing worse than Andy’s play on Sunday was his avoidance of owning it.