2014 NFL Pro Bowl Review


January 26, 2014; Honolulu, HI, USA; NFL cheerleaders pose with the Pro Bowl trophy after the 2014 Pro Bowl at Aloha Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The marketing masters of the NFL pulled another rabbit out of their hats with the 2014 NFL Pro Bowl. A Fantasy type draft of the players, the ball switches possessions at the end of each quarter (that makes four two minute drills), and no zone defenses.

Everything seemed to be a success even the hideously bright uniforms worked.

Man defense puts the best athletes on the best athletes, one on one. There’s not one guy in the NFL that wants to get beat on national television. Ego’s at stake, big ones.

The tight coverage also led to several interceptions in the first half, and a tackle among Browns teammates that resulted in a complete somersault. That’s right: The Pro Bowl with the best athletes in the world going at it actually was just that in this new format.

The draft made it to where players on the same team would face off against each other. Ron Rivera, Carolina Panthers coach, would have to send pass rushers to sack his quarterback (Carolina Panther Cam Newton).

The fact that the ball would change teams at the end of each quarter instead of just at half time was a very innovative way to make the end of all four quarters exciting.

It put a different strain on the coaches in the way they used their timeouts as well. It also gave each quarterback the stage to perform the two minute offense that everyone seems to love.

Bravo to the NFL and all the players for reviving a dying game. It was 14-14 going into the half, and neither team held more than a ones-score lead.

Then, trailing by seven, Team Rice went on a last-minute drive that ended in a touchdown and two-point conversion for the win. I was completely entertained with the flea-flicker touchdown to start when Indianapolis Colt Andrew Luck hit  Philadelphia Eagle receiver Desean Jackson.

The players came to play and play to win, and congrats to Alex Smith for making a game winning drive and helping he should have been the Offensive MVP but that went to Foles (Team Sanders) and Defensive MVP went to Kansas City Chief linebacker Derrick Johnson (Team Rice).